3in1 Emergency Escape Tool - Black

Trident Escape Hammer

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Key Features & Benefits

Be prepared for any eventuality with an Emergency Escape Tool. For example, this tool can quickly break the glass for a safe escape in a vehicle submersion or fire. This multi-use tool can break glass, cut through a seat belt, and hammer away. If the seatbelts do not unlock, the sharp blade can cut through all passenger's seatbelts allowing for a quick escape. In the event of a fire or water hazard, the safety hammer can break the glass with the sharp tip, and the flat end can knock out any remaining jagged glass. Install this safety hammer in the car with the included screw or hold it in place with double-sided adhesive. In case of emergency, you should always keep this safety hammer within easy reach of the driver.
  • Size 210g
  • 0.2 lb head
  • Available in Black or Orange
  • 3-in-1 multifunction tool
  • Cuts through seat belts
  • Break auto glass
Heavy Alloy Tip

Heavy Alloy Tip

This premium Triton Escape tool has a heavy alloy striking tip. This comes in really handy when you’re stuck because it can break glass and obstructions within seconds. It is rust-resistant and has high durability.

Safety Black Seatbelt Cutter

Safety Black Seatbelt Cutter

Our black Triton escape tool comes with a sharp cutter in case your seatbelt gets stuck during an emergency. It has an easily removed cover clip to ensure it remains razor-sharp and is only exposed when needed.

Reflective Tape

Reflective Tape

This escape tool is equipped and wrapped stylishly with reflective tape for easy recognition in the dark. Due to its high reflective ability, this tape helps you locate the tool for quick use during an emergency.

3 in 1 Breaker, Cutter, and Hammer

3 in 1 Breaker, Cutter, and Hammer

Our quality Triton Escape is fully equipped with its three-in-one feature. It bears a breaker to shatter glasses, a cutter to make way through entangling ropes and seatbelts, and a hammer to break obstacles.